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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Getting the Deal Done – Cities Can Help!

Posted in Regulatory

Well-trained and educated City planners, urged on by elected officials increasingly more sensitive to neighborhood issues, wield their regulatory swords to make sure that developers deliver well-planned and attractive projects – on paper. And, wow – is there a lot of paper!

“We Are Part of the Solution!”

Posted in Budgets

The infamous “default clock” that was counting down the hours and minutes until the U.S. federal government was facing a default on its sovereign debt recently could also be applied to our local governments that are facing fiscal challenges which, if not addressed, could result, not in their default, but in their bankruptcy. The evidence of this can be found across our country but is especially pronounced in our community. At present, Miami-Dade County is facing a budget deficit of approximately $400 million, the City of Miami has invoked a “state of financial urgency” in order to address its deficit of $61 million, and even the City of Hialeah, once an example of fiscal prudence has succumbed to the recession’s effect on property values, and is dealing with a projected deficit of approximately $5 million for fiscal year 2011-2012.