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Broward County Kicks-Off Initiative to Update the Broward County Land Use and Comprehensive Plans

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As one of the only counties in the state of Florida with countywide land use planning authority, Broward first adopted its countywide land use plan in 1979. Today, county staff and elected officials from county and cities held a workshop to kick off the complete revamping of the Broward County land use plan. Although the… Continue Reading

New 2-Year Statutory Extension for Certain Florida Environmental & Development Permits

Posted in Development Rights, Land Development, Legislation, Permitting

By the adoption of CS/HB 7023, (Click Here for a copy of the pertinent section of the bill),  the Florida Legislature has again authorized a new 2-year extension of permits issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and water management districts and building permits,  including local government-issued development orders or certificates of level of… Continue Reading

Redeveloping Failed Golf Course

Posted in Land Development, Real Estate, Recreation

Redeveloping some or all of golf course land as residential or resort units often gives a golf course owner the opportunity to transform a failed golf course into a profitable venture.  The oversupply of golf courses and the financial difficulty many courses face have been discussed in Hospitality Law Check-In (see “Growing the Game of… Continue Reading

Supreme Court Decision Limits Ability of Government Agencies to Impose ‘Extortionate’ Permit Conditions on Landowners

Posted in Land Development, Real Estate

On June 25th, the U.S. Supreme Court issued an important Takings Clause decision with far-reaching implications for real estate developers and others who rely on federal or state permits. In Koontz v. St. Johns River Water Management District, the Court extended the doctrine of “unconstitutional conditions” established in the Court’s Nollan and Dolan cases. By declaring that the Takings Clause… Continue Reading

Parking – The Tail that Wags the Dog in Redevelopment Projects

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Authored by Tracy Lautenschlager Empty storefronts and unused commercial buildings … Do you ever wonder as you drive by why some enterprising business owner doesn’t take advantage of these spaces, these little gems, that must be available at great prices?  Or, if you are in the greenfield development business, can you recall how many times… Continue Reading

Biscayne Corridor Basin — Proposed Miami-Dade Sewer Construction Connection Charge

Posted in Land Development

Authored by Kerri Barsh Miami-Dade County Water & Sewer Department (WASD) is proposing a special sanitary sewer construction connection charge for the expansion of the sewer facilities in the Biscayne Corridor Basin (depicted in the color attachment).  The County will assess the new charge on property owners and developers who receive new or increased sewer service from… Continue Reading

Miami 21

Posted in Land Development, Zoning

It has been two years since Miami 21 took effect and the City of Miami has not come to a halt, as suspected by some, the City has not been overtaken by larger than life skyscrapers, as complained by others, it is simply still Miami.  Miami is similar to the legend of the Ibis, as… Continue Reading